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JOE CONWAY, MHCM, CDM | he, him, his

Entrepreneur, DEI Trainer,  "Pookie," Pop, and Motivational Speaker

Welcome to ABIDE!

ABIDE is a consulting firm that emphasizes the importance of awareness and education in Bias Mitigation for professionals and organizations. In our diverse world, inherent bias can lead to exclusion and prevent individuals from feeling a sense of belonging. At ABIDE, we believe that inclusion, diversity, and equity are essential components of a thriving workplace.

We recognize that inherent biases are present in all of us, stemming from underlying beliefs, attitudes, or assumptions that can skew our viewpoints. Our mission is to help organizations overcome these biases by providing education, understanding, and skill development coupled with behavioral changes that mitigate root causes.

At ABIDE, we understand that no one is immune to inherent bias. However, by acknowledging our shared human condition, we can create a common starting point for learning together. Together, we can move forward and make our workplaces and communities more inclusive, diverse, and equitable, leaving a better world for future generations.

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together – African Proverb

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