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Meet Joe

Entrepreneur, DEI Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Joe Conway


Our Founder


Say hello to Joseph "Joe" Conway, the vibrant champion of equity and inclusion in the buzzing city of Wilmington! He's also the brain and heartbeat behind A.B.I.D.E., LLC, a pioneering business consultancy where tackling bias isn't just a job—it's a mission. Before swapping hospital hallways for city lights, Joe lent his expertise to Novant Health/New Hanover Regional Medical Center for a solid 14 years, five of which were spent at the helm of Health Equity & Human Experience for the Coastal Region.


With over a quarter of a century of leadership experience under his belt, Joe is as adept at navigating boardrooms as he is at lighting up the Wilmington community. His life's mantra? "Cultivating an environment for YOUR success."


Joe is a man powered by relentless optimism. In his journey, he has discovered a common dissonance—many struggle to align their purpose with actions that breathe life into it. He often poses thought-provoking questions that push the envelope: "Is the hardest task in life to find balance? Is it more rewarding to be 'right,' or to cultivate 'right' relationships?"


Our man Joe wears multiple academic hats—Church Ministries graduate, former Pastor, Music Minister, and Church Planter. His MBA in Healthcare Management is complemented by certificates in Diversity Management, Implicit Bias Training, HR Diversity & Inclusion, and a Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt Coach and Facilitator.


In the romance department, Joe's been winning since '91, married to his high school love, Tiffany. They share the joy of having four grown sons. Beyond his professional and family life, Joe's interests span from absorbing the pages of a good book, diving into research, and exploring history and music, to donning a chef's hat in the kitchen and quenching his wanderlust with frequent travels.


Our Services

Skills & Development Technique for Bias mitigation

Dynamic Speaking Engagements/Presentations

Human Resource Partnership & Training

Leadership & Management Training

Development of Human Resource On-Boarding Material 

Expert lead Panel Discussions

Our Approach

With a vibrant backdrop of teaching experiences, Joe orchestrates a symphony of personalized learning styles, painting a canvas of discovery and insight. His approach embodies an energetic call for active participation, fusing hands-on practice with the harmonious blend of auditory, kinesthetic, and visual techniques.

Each training session Joe designs becomes a customized journey, sculpted meticulously to ensure not just the success, but also the peak engagement of each participant. With Joe, every encounter transforms into a thrilling educational adventure, designed to dazzle your senses while polishing your skills to perfection.
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