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Seeing the Unseen: The Art of Perception in Our Kaleidoscope World

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

SUMMARY: Perception, our personal lens to reality, shapes how we experience life, as exemplified by different interpretations of an image. Diversity, equity, and inclusion create a mosaic of perspectives, fostering belonging and equality in society. To create harmonious cultures, aligning individual perceptions with collective vision is crucial, inviting us all to envision with the heart.

as we are: we all bleed the same color

Ever heard the cheeky saying, "Perception is your own personal reality show?" Or, how about "we don't view the world through the reality lens but through our own kaleidoscope?" The skinny of it all is, the way we observe the revolving stage of life, be it memorable events, run-of-the-mill happenings, or simple routines, is primarily shaped by our internal viewer settings. It's our secret recipe to understand the world around us, which can be credited to our deeply rooted convictions or the tales we've come to regard as gospel truth.

Take the FACE-OFF photo for instance. It's a captivating picture, one that's worth a thousand interpretations. If you spot the wise, old couple first, chances are you're a big-picture enthusiast, less hung up on the nitty-gritty and more on the grand scheme of things. You're the strategist, the planner, the one with an eagle-eye view. In essence, you don't let yourself get bogged down by trivial details, and micromanagement is definitely not your cup of tea. However, if your attention is first snatched by the trio of smaller figures, you're Sherlock Holmes in the making! Your eye for detail is nothing short of remarkable, you take "observant" to another level. You're an aficionado of in-depth knowledge, who finds the surface-level stuff as appealing as a wet blanket. Now, there's no good, better, best in this scenario, both perspectives have their own charm and potential pitfalls. In the grand theatre of life, you might find yourself juggling both perspectives, depending on the scene playing out.

Our world thrives on diversity, equity, and inclusion; it's like the essential seasoning for a hearty cultural stew. No one can claim to hold a Ph.D. in a culture or its people - after all, culture is a living, breathing entity, it thrives and evolves with its people. Wherever we may roam, we bring our cultures along, like the most loyal of travel companions. And when we assemble as a collective, be it in a team or a company, we're basically cooking up a whole new cultural dish!

Navigating these waters can be tricky. Just remember what Simon Sinek, that thought-provoking chap from TED Talks, had to say: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The aim of the game is to attract those who groove to the same beat as you. The golden nugget here is to align with people who share similar perceptions, essentially singing the same cultural tune. You see, Martin Luther King did not say "I have a plan." Oh, no! He said, "I have a dream." Dream equals vision, plan equals strategy. So, to play the symphony of success, the culture (the sheet music) must be in tune with the vision (the composition) to make the dream a reality (the performance).

So, whether you spot the aging couple or the tiny trio first, remember that diversity, equity, and inclusion are the colors that paint the canvas of our views. It's this vibrant palette that nurtures a sense of belonging and promotes equality. Isn't that what we're all striving for?

So, as we wrap up this Diversity Month, I dare you to engage in a riveting round of "I spy" with your heart and vision, because building the culture we all yearn for starts with seeing the unseen. Here's to embracing this challenge with gusto and whimsy!


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